Sunday, September 26, 2010

Camping in Ventura, CA

The Stutels went camping this weekend at McGrath State Beach in Ventura. Honestly it wasn't the best camping trip we have had but we made the best of it and had 2 quality "family days." The weather was beautiful, about 80 for the high and mid 50s at night. The first night some really loud and obnoxious people were next to us. Fortunatly the boys slept through it all but I didn't! Should you really have to tell other adults at 1:30am to please stop breaking trees apart for firewood because it is too niosy and just plain a wrong thing to do? Anyway, thankfully they only stayed Friday night! Saturday we went to the beach for a few hours. The beach was about a 1/4 mile walk from our camp. The boys had more fun jumping off the sand dunes than at the beach! In the afternoon we went to the Marina and ate ice cream, looked at boats, and took silly pictures. In the evening when we got back to camp Karl started getting a headache and feeling sick. So he packed it in early. Sunday morning he was feeling fine and after a bike ride we loaded up and headed home! We stopped at the outlet stores in Camarillo and hit up the Stride Rite store for shoes for the boys. I always feel like such and horrible mother when after measuring the boys feet I realize I have been squeezing then into shoes a whole size too small! Luckly my boys are usually barefoot at home.

Our little campers! When I tucked them into bed tonight I asked them which they liked better, sleeping in the tent or their beds. Both said the tent!!

Karl told me I need to work on my "hops." I'm saying it's the photographer. He needs to catch the photo when I'm at my peak height, not coming down!!! :)

This is what your face looks like when you say "ARRRRR!"

Preschool update: Matt is still doing great! He got to bring home a letter "A" worksheet on Wed for homework due on Friday. He was very excited. After turning it in on Friday he got a sticker on his homework folder. He said he wants to always do his homework so he can fill his folder with stickers!
Micah is doing better...he didn't cry on Friday at drop off but his teacher said he started missing me after an hour and then cried for the next two hours until I picked him up. Right when he sees me he loves telling and showing me the things he does at school. He has a great teacher and I feel very comfortable to be working his separation anixety out with her.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

First Day of School

Matt and Micah had their first day of school last week on Wed. Matt was an old pro and did great when I dropped him off. He gets a little shy in groups so I think school is a little stressful for him. At home and when he is one on one with another person he will talk your head off but I don't think that is the case at school. He was very brave and gave me a kiss and hug goodbye then walked right into the classroom and started doing a project that was on the table. He is a precious little boy!
Micah, on the other hand, was not so brave! He CRIED and freaked out! Luke is in the same class and did super. Luke got his kiss and hug goodbye after I chased him down in the classroom and started playing with play doh. Micah was so upset I don't think he even noticed Luke was there! I let Micah bring his blankies (Tags) with him and I think this helped a little. When I picked him up he was not crying and the teacher said she thinks he will be fine in few weeks. She said Micah cried periodically during the morning. Micah was so proud after school. He was excited to show me his crafts and really wanted to sing me the songs he learned in the car on the way home.
My new challenge is trying to hear about the school morning from 3 little boys at one time during our drive home!

Micah: "Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are, up above the world so, umm (pause) how I want you to come over today." Then he stops, says "Wait a second Mommy." and puts down the car he is holding to make his hands into a diamond shape before continuing. " Like a diamond in the sky....."
Ha Ha Ha he is just a precious as his brother! :)

(Okay, I know the kitchen is a mess...but I was trying to get 3 little boys ready for school and as you can see by the absent shoes we are not ready yet!!)

Now those are "ready for school smiles!!"

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Weekend!

We have had a busy suprise!
Karl and I have been working really hard on the backyard with a goal of getting the boys a play set. I made it a habit to check out Craig's List almost every morning and finally found one last week. Karl and some guys from work took it apart and moved it into our back yard. We had a "barn raising" on Friday night and turned it into a little party. We had some friends over and the daddies put the swing set together while the kids distroyed my house and the mommies tried to maintain a managable level of chaos! As the evening turned into bedtime we put a movie on for all the kids and the moms chowed on yummy ice cream! Weezie will hate the picture below...but how many times in your life can you rest your ice cream bowl on your tummy!! Around 10:00pm the swing set was done! I don't have a picture of it completed yet but I'll post one soon. It is has 2 swings, a slide and fort.
Saturday morning we took Matt to meet a potential piano teacher. Since Matt is so young she wanted to meet him and do a little mini "interview" with him. Matt was so cute. He sang the ABCs for her and answerd all her questions like such a big kid! We decided start lessons for a few months and make sure Matt stays excited about it! When we got in the car to go home Matt said, "Mommy and Daddy, I like piano lessons a lot more that swimming lessons!" Karl and I laughed and said "We know, Buddy!"
After naps on Saturday we drove with Jon and Luke to Santa Monica. Karl and Jon ran in a 5k run on Sunday morning. We spent the night in a hotel and after the run went to the beach. They boys LOVE staying in hotels and had a blast!
Jon PRd in his run and Karl was happy that his leg felt good. He has been dealing with a pulled muscle for over a month now. I'm sure he will have details on his blog.
We are home safe and the boys went to bed at 7:00! We had a busy weekend!
Please send us good thoughts...preschool starts on Wed. The boys will go on Wed and Fri mornings. I took them to meet their teachers on Friday and left them in their classroom for an hour while I attended orientation. Matt and Luke did great! Micah, on the other hand, was so upset. Actually upset is an understatment...he cried for 40 minutes and only stopped when I walked in the room to pick him up. His teacher is amazing and said she held him and gave him lots of hugs. She assured me within a month Micah would be over his separation anxiety....oh, it is going to be a long month for both Micah and myself.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Old A.V. Fair

We went to the Antelope Valley Fair last week. I was kind of dreading the, crowded, dirty, chaotic...but it turned out to be the most fun I have ever had at the fair. The boys made the evening fun. By the time we walked in the boy's faces were red and they were hot! So our first stop was getting lemonade. We then saw the animals...did you know the sheep are actually saying "MAAAAATT!!" Then we went to a kids area and participated in a show/talk on making butter. The boys made their own butter shaking and dancing around with a tupperware container of whole milk. We then ate a gross "fair style" dinner and let the boys pick 3 rides. Karl and Matt had been to the fair the nigh before to see The Beach Boys and Karl let him ride the ferris wheel then so Matt knew EXACTLY what he wanted to do! Luke and Matt wanted to go on the ferris wheel, all three went down the super slide and rode the airplane ride. Fun evening!!