Saturday, February 27, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond...

So, I have been a little hesitant to blog on our latest "big family happening." That is what this blog is for though so here it goes...I'll get over my embarrassment! The news is...Matt has given up his binky (aka pacifier)!!!
Yes, my almost 4 year old was going to bed each night and napping with a pacifier. Am I a lazy parent for letting this go on for almost 4 years? Maybe, but I prefer to think of it as being more of a tired parent to needs to sleep at night and clean during nap time!
Matt has been wanting a Buzz Lightyear toy for a few months. His buddy Max got one for Christmas and Matt thought it was the coolest thing ever! So, Karl and I made a deal with him. If he gave up the binky for one week he could go out on a special trip with daddy to the toy store and pick out a Buzz.
Matt did such a great job! The first few nights were rough. In the middle of the first night without the binky Matt called to me and when I went into his room he said in the saddest little voice, "Sleeping without Binky is so hard Mommy." He never cried or asked for it though! The second night was filled with night terrors because he was over tired from not sleeping well the previous night. Now we are good...Matt and Buzz are cool!
I'm so proud of Matt. This event was similar to potty training. Once he put his mind to it and decided it was something he was ready for he did it!

Today is my dad's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PO!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby Jesus

The boys have become parents!
Here is the story:

Matt came up with this totally on his own!

He started taking care of this doll this morning. He asked me to get the baby bouncer and some cloths out of the garage. He then came up with naming the doll "Baby Jesus." He told me he and Micah got married and had a baby. Matt and Micah have been feeding the baby, rocking the baby, giving him baby toys (which I also dug out of the garage), changing diapers and putting the baby to sleep. I was just told, by Matt, that God left Baby Jesus here for the night. He will be back to get him in the morning and if he doesn't come we can write "To God" on the baby's forehead and put him in the mailbox!
I guess if we ever have another baby we will have lots of help!! Yeah, right!!

Side note: Micah's face is not hurt or scratched. We had spaghetti for dinner!!