Saturday, April 17, 2010

Leona Divide 50

Karl did it! He completed his first ultra race! He finished the 50 mile trail run in 8 hours and 55 minutes. Karl's groupies (aka Andi, Matt, Micah, Louise, Luke, Don, Bill, Dawn, Myra, Max, and Vivian) hiked out the the 30 mile aide station to see Karl come through. Karl will post details of the run on his blog so check it out in a day or so. It was a long day for all of us! The boys and I came home for about an hour after seeing Karl at 30 miles then went out to to see him finish. It is 7:30pm and Karl is in bed with a fever and very tight/fatigued legs. The boys and I are chilling out watching "The Jungle Book." Good Night!!
Clay also completed the run! I'm glad they both finished healthy.

30 mile/Turn Around

Sunday, April 11, 2010



Karl and Matt went to pick up the first load of sod around 7:30 Saturday morning. The fun began! It was (big surprise) REALLY windy so the boys didn't want to play outside. They got to chill inside while Karl and I got to work. We worked all day and the result is fairly satisfying! Karl and I decided to name our backyard "Elmer." Do you know the children's book about Elmer the patchwork elephant? I think that explains it! Once the new grass takes and it all grows and blends it should look good!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Matt and the Horse!

Okay, so 4 year olds crack me up too!
Today we walked the boys down the street from my sister's house to see some horses. Matt wanted to put his hand through the fence and pet one of the horses. I told him couldn't do that because we didn't know the horse and the horse didn't know us and I didn't want the horse to bite him. I could see the wheels turning in Matt's head...he then told me he thought the horse's name was Cinnamon. Then he turned to the horse and said, "Hi Cinnamon. I'm Matthew Stutelberg." He then turned to me and said, "So Mom, now the horse knows me and I know the horse, so can I pet him now?" I said "No, that was very clever but even though you and the horse are friends he may think your fingers are food. So, no you can't pet him."
What a goofy and clever kiddo!
Happy Easter