Saturday, July 31, 2010

Andi's Salon

I have offically opened a hair salon...sound weird, concidering I am either wearing a running hat or have my hair in pony tail? :) This picture could be on my shop sign!! Matt has been saying he wanted a hair cut "just like Daddy's" for a few months now. I have been cutting Karl's hair for years but was nervous to cut at the boys longer hair! Well...I did it! I think they look great and more important my little customers think they are hot stuff!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sea World

Okay, so in typical Stutelberg fashion we have been SUPER busy the past few weeks. By the time I get around to blogging I am usually tired and only up for posting a few pic so I will attempt to cover some of our exciting summer in numerous blog posts.

Erin flew out to stay with us last week. It was great having her here. I did a triathlon with Ron and Julie on July 18. I went to Oxnard with Ron and Julie to practice swimming in the ocean on Sat the 17th. Karl and the boys picked Erin up at the airport then met us at the beach. We had a fun afternoon and evening. Erin, Karl and the boys drove home and I stayed with Ron and Julie to do the race the next morning. This is a family blog not a training one so I won't bore you with the race details...I will only say swimming 1500 meters in the ocean was definatly an experience. One of the hardest physical things I have ever done!

These pictures are from our trip to Sea World. This was the first amusement park we have taken the boys to. I told Erin in the morning to go into the day with no expectations. This way no matter what happens with the day it will have been a success! We spent the night in a hotel about 15 minutes from the park. This worked out great and we arrived at Sea World when it opened. We hit the Shamu Show and Dophin Show and almost all the exhibits. The boys took a nap in the stroller and in Erin and my laps while waiting for the dolphin show to start so they were somewhat rested! I really don't think the day could have gone better. It was really special to spend our fun time with Erin! Stay tuned for more posts...I still need to post on Yosemite, swim lessons, vistis from grandparents, beach trips, and our family reunion in Big Bear last week. Whew, that's a lot!!

Matt 's "best buddy" Murry the Morray Eel! Ewww they were so creepy but the boys loved them! Why do boys like the weird creatures?

Matt at the Shamu show. He was sitting on Karl's lap and when Shamu came out and jumped out of the water Matt leaned forward and said "Shamu is amazing!" I found it more amazing watching the boys experience the day!

Micah and the seals.

Matt and the polar bear. Matt LOVED the characters but Micah was a little shy. We spent a lot of time in the Sesame Street Bay of Play. The kids got to meet Elmo, Zoe, Grover, Bert, Abby, and Cookie Monster. Micah warmed up to these characters fast! He was so excited to meet them!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Play Time

We have had such a busy summer so far...too busy to post on this blog! We have been to Yosemite and had fantastic visits from Karl's parents. Hopefully I will get around to posting some of the great pictures.
We are having a quiet Monday afternoon at home. It is really windy (big surprise) so we are trapped inside. Micah is playing with his cars and Matt with Star Wars figures. Poor Matt spent over 5 minutes lining up all his "men" only to have his little brother attack them! Chaos!! Did I say we were having a "quiet" afternoon at home?