Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mr. T

Matt is really into bubbles in his bath. He laughs and thinks it is great when Karl puts them on his face and head. We think he looks like Mr. T in this picture. The other highlight this weeks is his new toothbrush. We got him an electric one with Ernie, Zoe and Cookie Monster on it. He loves to show it to anyone who comes over and name the characters on the brush!
The mom's group we are in started a music class every other week. We held the first class at our house and Matt really enjoyed it. Another girl in the group leads us in songs and activities. Matt stays fairly focused and attended for almost the full 45 minutes. We are still in the Mommy, Daddy and Me class twice a week. I signed Matt up again in October although depending when his brother arrives I don't know how many sessions we will attend.
I saw the perinatologist on Wednesday. Everything with Micah looks good and the MD told me he thinks everything is going to go great for us. Micah is a lot smaller than Matt. He was 4lb 12oz on Wed. when I was at 34 weeks. Matt weighed 5lb 14oz when he was born at 34 weeks. If Micah follows the books he should be gaining about 1/2 lb a week from now on. I am finding out the last month of pregnancy is a whole new ball game!!
Karl has been running with a local running group, High Desert Runners. They hold occasional weekend trail runs and weekly speed workouts on the track. This past week they ran a timed mile. Karl did pretty good and ran 5min 23sec. Matt and I usually go out to the track to cheer him on. Matt has fun taking Daddy water after he runs and chasing him when he runs by.
That is about all for the week. We had a great visit with Brad and Jeanette when they stopped by for dinner on Monday night. They were on their way to a memorial service and were able to stop by for a short visit. Hopefully they will be able to stay and visit longer soon. We have settled in nicely in CA although we miss our family and friends in Vegas and that is hard.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Apple Picking

We went apple picking with my parents today in Tehachapi. It is about a 45 minute drive from Lancaster. Apple picking was a lot less messy than cherry picking! Matt figured it out right away. His favorite apple was a shriveled up half rotten one he found on the ground. He carried the awful apple around all afternoon! After picking apples we drove to another farm and picked raspberrys. Fortunately he lost the yucky apple at the raspberry farm. Matt LOVES berrys! He was eating them faster then we could pick he gave up on us and started picking and eating his own! We then went out to lunch before heading home. The restaurant was in front of the train tracks and Matt enjoyed watching the train from the window. When we left another train started coming so Karl covered Matt's ears and we all got excited for it. Poor Matt freaked out when it went by and blew the whistle. I guess they are not so cool up close and loud! He recovered fast and kept signing and saying train all the way home! Hundreds of energy creating windmills are located on the hills around Tehachapi. Matt loved these and signed and called them fans. We are all exhausted! I have some apple sauce cooking in the crock pot which will be good for breakfast tomorrow! Tomorrow Brad and Jeanette are stopping by for dinner on their way to a memorial service on Tues so I think I will attempt an apple pie.
Saturday Luke got his band. Yesterday and today are trial days where he wears it for 3 hours then off for 1 hour to check for redness and pressure points. Since he has had it off occasionally it gave Louise a chance to decorate it! I don't think Jon and Louise ever imagined they would have a little football player!
That is all for now...I see the perinatologist on Wed. I am curious as to how much Micah weighs because I am just about at the point when Matt was born. I have a feeling Micah is smaller...we will see.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Luke's Casting

Luke had the casting done for his DOC band last week. Louise said he was a champ! She fed him a bottle during most of it. He only cried and got upset toward the end. Fortunately a new clinic has been started on Sat mornings in Pasadena so they won't have to travel to San Diego every week. Luke gets his band this Sat and they will take him back weekly to have it shaved and shaped. Hopefully he will only have to wear it 6 weeks then he will have a beautifully shaped head! Although, I don't think anyone would argue he is adorable the way he is now!
Karl, Matt and I are doing great. No real exciting news. Matt got new shoes last week. He has a cool pair of Vans now! In the future we will have to plan on getting his new shoes at the Stride Rite outlet when we are in Vegas. He takes after his daddy and has big feet! He has a book called "Pete has Big Feet" which has been a hit the past couple of days! Matt is saying new words everyday. His latest ones are okay, zebra, nana (banana), and please.
Karl started a per diem job at A.V. Healthcare which is a skilled nursing facility. He works there on Tues. afternoons and a couple Sat. a month. The plan is to work there until the new year when hopefully I will be able to work a little.
That is the latest from here for now. Hope everyone is having a good week.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Karl and the Trolley!

Saturday evening Karl was a wonderful brother in law and volunteered to drive the tractor trolley at the fair. Clark gets a discount on the year band fees if he gets volunteers to drive 2 trolley shifts. My mom was supposed to drive Friday night but lucked out and due to a mix up in scheduling 4 people showed up to drive so she got out of it. She has put in her time in the past years though! It must be a "guy thing" because Karl said it was fun! Karl drove the tractor from the parking area to the fair entrance and back. He only knocked over 1 cone! My brother was a conductor. After the evening of work the two went into the fair and shared a fried Twinkie and fried Oreo...again another "guy thing!"
We purchased a toddler bed at the Salvation Army and are very proud of the purchase. After some cleaning it looks like a new bed. Matt loves his bed and took a great 2 hour nap in it right after we set it up in his room. We decided to let him nap in it when he wants and sleep in the crib at night. It is a good thing we have awhile before we need the crib because the past 2 days he won't sleep in bed and only wants to "play sleep." He keeps getting out of bed at nap time and playing in his room until we put him in the crib. We are not worried, if Matt can't make the transition to the bed yet we will just have to look at the Salvation Army for another crib!!
Karl and I finally saw Harry Potter this afternoon. My dad and brother came to watch Matt. Good movie but a lot was left out or not covered completely. Overall it was can you condense a 600+ page book into a 2 hour movie.
Hope everyone had a great long weekend!