Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Sorry it has been so long since the last post. I really have no excuse this time other than we have been very busy!! I think the best way to summarize the highlights of the past month are in pictures!!
We were in Vegas last weekend for Brayden's baptism. It was another "quick and busy" Vegas weekend. We took the boys to a water park, played in Grandma and Grandpa Bennett's back yard and went to Brayden's baptism. Matt was very excited to see Brayden become "a child of God." Yes, that was a quote from Matt. When it actually came down to the baptism Matt got really nervous. It must be such a confusing concept for a three year old. We told him Brayden was going to be one of Jesus' special friends, like he is. Matt was comforted by the friend aspect of this but very confused why God and Jesus weren't physically in the church. This weekend was dedicated to home upgrades! We have a lot of projects and actually completed most of them! We had a landscape designer come over on Sat morning. He will be drawing plans for our front and back yards. Karl and I got so excited hearing all of his ideas but reality hit when we got the rough estimate. The first step is to get the plans then we can slowly complete the yards over the next few year. We also installed two ceiling fans, a bathroom light fixture, toilet seat, and two window valences! Only 7 trips to Lowes in less than 24 hours! The only major project not completed is the bathroom facet fixtures. They will probably end up sitting under the sink for a few more months!! The pictures below are of the boys reading books in Matt's room early (6:30am) this morning. They were actually cooperating! The other picture is of Matt "helping" Daddy assemble a ceiling fan. We went to Apollo Park this morning and fed the ducks. Matt rode his bike and Micah pushed his ride on car around the lake. Needless to say the boys napped great which allowed us to work in the house.

Below are Luke's 2 year picture and Matt's 3 year pic. What handsome boys!!