Sunday, September 28, 2008

Two sick boys

This weekend both the boys were sick, Matt worse than Micah. We stayed at home and watched half a dozen Elmo movies. Here are some other recent pictures of the boys to remind us what they look like when they are well.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jumping, Riding, Walking, Running & Driving

I think we have some good pictures (and video) from our weekend! Karl, Micah and I took it easy on Saturday. Matt and my dad rode the Metro (commuter train) down to Santa Clarita to meet my sister. They then drove to Cal Lutheran to pick up my brother. This was the farthest Matt has been away from us! Right after my dad asked if he could take Matt on the train I panicked! Karl thought it was a good idea. Good for both Matt and myself! Matt had a great time! He carried his train ticket in his pocket all day. I packed all his things in his Elmo back pack. He looked so cute carrying it! I am so glad we let him go.
This morning Karl and I took turns running. We then meet our friends, the Schneiders, and drove down the "musical road." I'll explain! Honda recently filmed a commercial a few miles from our house. They cut grooves into the road so when you drive over it plays the "William Tell Overture." It sounds crazy but it is really cool. We drove it 4 times today and pulled off to the side to hear other cars do it! Apparently there are only 3 "musical roads" in the world. Finally, something cool in the Antelope Valley!!
We then went to downtown Lancaster to a street fair. The kids got to see and talk to some policemen that were really nice to them. They let the kids sit on their motorcycles and in the squad car and turn on the sirens and lights! Matt LOVED it! We also let the kids go in the bounce house. Matt also loves bouncers! Micah forgets he is just a baby and wanted in on the jumping so lucky mom got to go in with Micah and the other kids while Karl and Bill hit the beer tent!! After naps today, which were awesome because of the busy morning, we took Matt and Micah to the college parking lot to ride trikes and walk. Check out the video! The boys rode and walked or over a half hour!! Karl barbecued hamburgers and Boca burgers tonight for dinner! It was a great weekend!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The 4 Busy Stutelbergs

The kiddos are in bed and I have a glass of wine and a bowl of pretzels...time for some blogging. Any grammar and spelling errors in this post will be blamed on the wine!
We have been keeping busy the past couple weeks. I tried to post pictures from all the major events! This first picture is from a few weeks ago when the A.V. Fair was in town. Karl, Jon, and Bill (family friend) went to see a concert and Louise, Dawn, and I hosted Romper Room for our 5 kids! Luke's face says it all! We kept control and had a fun time with all the kids until bath time when we had 5 kids running around the house naked!
The second picture is from Labor Day weekend. Bill and Dawn hosted their second annual Schneider Slip N Slide Completion. I am so proud to say my husband won and holds the record of sliding 51ft 6in. I don't have the talent that Karl has and came in second for the women. It was pretty fun but the next day Karl and I were laughing because we were so sore!!
On Labor Day we went to Fox Air Field with the kids. There is a little coffee shop and we let the kids play on the grass and look at the planes while we enjoyed some coffee.
I am so glad I carry a camera in my purse otherwise I wouldn't have captured the last picture. We pulled into Costco and I looked back at the boys and Matt had put on the glasses and was just chilling out in his car seat. For a minute I didn't know if he was awake or asleep!

Matt is very much a two year old!! Disciplining has been my biggest challenge so far as a mom! Some days, like today, I'm not sure how effective I am! This evening we were playing outside after dinner and I told Matt is was time to go inside for a bath and he said "Nope, I don't think so. Bye Mommy!" Then he jumped on his ride on car and started "driving" away! AHHHH Micah is a sweet little boy who really observes his brother! Immediately after Matt puts a toy down Micah crawls over to it and tries to mimic what Matt was doing. I'm not going to be able to hold Micah back at Matt's gymnastics class much longer! He wants so badly to jump on the trampoline and climb through the obstacle course!
We put an offer in on a home in Quartz Hill about 2 weeks ago. It is a short sale so it could take a long time once the bank approves the offer. I'm not going to post pictures or go into too much detail because there is only a 50% chance we will get the house.
I hope everyone is well and has a good weekend!