Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Matt's friends, Nicholas and Anthony came over today for a couple hours while their mom worked. I put a blanket on the floor and turned Raffi on and the boys had a blast. Matt wasn't too into dancing but he sang great! He loves to sing Yellow Submarine and sounds pretty good! The "big boy bed" is working out really good. Matt has slept the past two nights in it. Naps are a different story! Yesterday he fell asleep under the recliner chair in his room and today he did the same and we moved him into bed. Karl made him a "big boy bed book." When he sleeps in the the toddler bed he gets to put a sticker in his book. Each page in the book has pictures of Matt's friends...Elmo, Thomas the Train, Curious George, and the Sesame Street gang. Karl and I are trying to figure out the best way to move the crib into Micah's room with least amount of trauma! We don't want Matt to get jealous or feel like Micah is taking his crib away. I am a little depressed with the whole little boy is growing up.
I went to my brother's district honor band concert tonight. They sounded really good. It was fun to see him play. Besides seeing him at the state honor band concert 2 years ago I have not heard him play in concert band. Clark made the So. California honor band and the state band this year. He will be in Long Beach the rest of the week preparing for the concert on Sunday. He made the orchestra in the So. CA band which is a pretty big honor.
Tomorrow we are heading to Santa Clarita to a place called Under the Sea. This is an indoor play area. The weather has been really rainy so it will be good to let Matt get some wiggles out! Micah is such a trooper. He is constantly being shuffled around after his big brother. When I took this picture (below) Micah was sitting in the bouncer staring at the boys. I wonder what he is thinking with these loud crazy kids dancing around!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Micah's Baptism

Micah was baptized on Sunday, January 13. He wore the 150+ year old gown that my grandpa Crane, Louise, Matthew, and Luke wore. It was a special time. All of our family was able to attend except Jack who was soaking up the sun in Hawaii. We had family and friends come from MN, Las Vegas and Thousand Oaks. Following the church service where Tom assisted in the baptism we had lunch at our home. Overall I think the day went well. The only glitch was Micah's minor explosion/ diaper leak on the gown...oops! Jon, Louise and Erin are Godparents. Karl and I feel confident they will more then fulfill their promise to us and Micah. Jon and Louise have to pull double duty as they are Matt's Godparents as well.
The mom's group I belong to planned a trip to Pasadena on Tuesday to the Kidspace Museum. Matt has a great time. They had a toddler play area and story time, outside water play area and a hands on indoor exhibit. I think Matt will enjoy it even more next year. I may get a year pass next year when both boys can participate. Matt was so tired and excited after the morning. We had planned to stop by Griffith Park and let the kids see the trains but decided to postpone that for another day. The kids were asleep before we got out of the parking lot! Micah, Matt and I drove with a friend. Pasadena is a little over 1 hour away.
I hope you are all having a nice week...we are off to Vegas this weekend.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Our Sunday Afternoon

It is Sunday afternoon and both boys are sleeping (this almost never happens) and Karl is organizing the garage (this REALLY almost never happens! :) I should be catching up on the heaps of laundry we have or cleaning the kitchen but I would rather write a quick entry on our blog!
Karl woke early this am and ran 13.1 miles. He started a running blog and will post about his training runs until the Boston Marathon. 13.1 miles is half way there. The miles aren't really the issue though. He is going to try for a good time. Check his blog out for more info. The link is on the right side of the screen. I ran a whole 2 !/2 miles this am!
We went to church at 11:00. My parents went early because Clark has an audition for the state honor band in Pasadena this afternoon. I'm sending you good luck thoughts Clark! Matt lasted all of 15 minutes in church until he started yelling "all done" and "go play!" We are really hoping he lasts through Micah's baptism next week.
We had some friends over last night. They have a little girl who is almost 15 months old. The kids "played" and we had dinner. After the kids went to bed we watched a movie...I fell asleep! It was a good time though!
The pictures posted are from this afternoon. Karl had a little photo shoot with Micah while Matt was sleeping and I was at the store. One picture is for Grandpa Stutelberg and one for Grandpa Crane!
Matt just woke much for the laundry and cleaning! Maybe we will go out and "help" Daddy in the garage!
We are excited to see everyone next week! Safe travels to everyone and we will see you soon!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year from Pasadena, CA. Andi and Karl got up at 4 am to drive down to Pasadena for the Rose Parade. Andi's brother Clark marched in the PCC Tournament of Roses Honor Band for the second year in a row. The weather was great and Clark's Band played "It's a Small World" as they passed us. Special thank you to Louise and Jonathan who baby sat Matt and Micah while we were gone. They had the parade on TV and every band that passed by Matt would say "CC's Band" "Hi CC" "Bye CC". (CC=Clark Crane). After Matt's nap we went over to the Crane's for the second half of the Rose Bowl. As you can see by the picture, Don was pretty pleased with the outcome. Hope everyone else had a happy new year's day.