Monday, January 26, 2009


I have been very bad about posting on the blog...sorry to my dedicated readers!! We had an amazing vacation to CO a few weeks ago and I plan to post some pictures soon. Life has been a little hectic with "new house stuff."
Karl's brother, Jack, and his wife, Raina, had a beautiful little boy this morning! Welcome to the world Brayden Gray Stutelberg! Matt and Micah are excited about their new cousin and we all can't wait to meet him!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Out of Order...Christmas in LV!

Karl recently posted the "Happy New Year picture" because I didn't think I would get a chance to blog today but it is 10:00pm and I feel motivated! I have been wanting to post some pictures from Jack and Raina's wedding but I got sucked into a book and haven't been on the computer for 2 days! I just finished it so now I'm back!! For those who don't know, Karl's younger brother, Jack got married the day after Christmas! It was a perfect day surrounded by family. Jack and Raina are expecting a little boy in early February. We are happy to welcome Raina to the family and look forward to meeting our nephew/cousin! Christmas was excellent. We drove to Vegas on the 24th and made it just in time for church. All of Karl's family came to Vegas over Christmas because of the wedding. We were lucky to spend time with everyone. The drive home was a bit hairy...really bad traffic! It was worth it though! Other news is we signed the papers on our house!! We should have the key in about 5 days! I'll post some pictures soon. We are very excited about the house although it needs a lot of work. Before we move in we plan to paint, add a sliding door in the master bedroom, replace some kitchen appliances, install ceiling fans, replace the kitchen sink and island counter top, and CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!!! And that is just the inside! It is all a little overwhelming but once it is done the house will be awesome! I was laying in bed with Matt this morning and we were talking about the new house. I was telling him we would be going to live in a new house soon and Matt wanted to know who was going to live there. I told him Mommy, Daddy, Micah, Matt and Emma would be there. Matt then asked if out Realtor would also be living there with us! HA HA makes sense..he is usually with us when we look at and talk about "new houses!"
The other pictures posted are from tonight. I love the picture of the two bo
ys! It is rare to see them so close to each other and not hitting one another! Which reminds me...Micah chipped a tooth on Christmas Eve day. :( I'm not really sure how it happened. One minute I was doing laundry and the boys were looking at books and the next minute I heard a horrible cry from Micah. Poor kid's front tooth is chipped on the inside corner. Karl suggested we call him "Chip." At least he will lose the tooth in 6 or 7 years! I think I will take him to a dentist just to make sure it is all ok! On that note...
Happy New Year and have a good weekend...soon!!
We are off to the zoo tomorrow...Jeanette, we will say hi to the giraffes for you!

Happy New Year!!