Monday, July 30, 2007

First Week in CA

We are officially CA residents! Our first week here has been busy with unpacking, MD appointments, and family outings. We are slowly getting settled into our home. Everyday less and less boxes clutter the house and it is slowly feeling like home.

Karl doesn't start his new job until Aug 6 so he has been busy unpacking and chasing Matt! My job lately is growing a baby and trying to keep him inside me for another couple months! Louise was able to come watch Matt while Karl and I went to a few doctor appointments last week. Both the OB and the perinatologist seem great. The only perk to being a high risk pregnancy is getting multiple ultrasound photos. Although I would gladly give this up given a choice! Micah weighs about 2 lbs 2 oz as of Friday July 27th.

Matt got his first haircut last week. We went to a fancy kids haircutting salon in Valencia. We decided to splurge for his first haircut! Matt got to sit in a red car, play with toys and watch Elmo on TV while a woman VERY QUICKLY cut his hair. He did great. Karl and I took a million pictures and a video.

We went to Santa Monica on Sat July 28th. This was Matt's first time to the beach. He had a great time with Karl while I stayed under the beach umbrella! Clark stayed with us over the weekend so he was able to join us. Louise, Jon and Luke also came. We went the farmer's market in Santa Monica that was wonderful. This market specializes in organic produce. We (except me) walked the promenade and Matt had a great time chasing the birds. We had lunch from the farmer's market then drove north to Will Rogers State Beach. After a short stay at the beach we headed home. On the way we stopped at Diddy Reese for the best $1.00 ice cream sandwiches! Fresh baked cookies with ice cream in the middle. Needless to say Karl had to drive home a car of sleeping people! We had a great day!

Karl has one more week before starting work. We plan to continue to get settled in the house setting up phone, internet and unpacking. Hopefully we will get to hanging some pictures soon. That will make it feel more like our home. This evening we are going to a park to feed ducks. We have been saving bread for them. Matt should have a good time with that. Take care and check back soon for more updates. Don't forget to leave a comment if you have any suggestions!

First Post

Welcome to our blog! My goal is to keep family informed of the Stutelberg family's latest happenings. My brother tells me that the popular thing for stay at home moms to do is here it goes! I will try to update with pictures, video clips and stories as often as possible! Please leave me a comment if you have any suggestions. Enjoy!