Friday, August 20, 2010


We are at home and I'm playing a Veggie Tales Worship CD while the kiddos are playing with pretend swords and saying they are going to fight and chop eachother's heads off. I'm not sure about this senario???

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grandma's in Charge!

Jeanette spent the later part of last week with the boys while Karl was at work and I was recuperating from a minor surgery. I had an umbilical hernia since Micah was born and it was getting worse so the time came to have it repaired. The boys had a blast with Grandma. She took them to the park to feed ducks, the library, out for ice cream, to Bounce Palace and played A LOT of cars at home. THANK YOU!!!
Also a big thank you to my sis and mom for their help cleaning.
I am feeling almost back to normal. I will consider myself completly recovered when I can lift my sweet little boys and can go for a decent run. Hopefully in another week!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

3rd Annual Slip and Slide Competition

The Schneider's 3rd annual Slip and Slide competition was on Saturday!! Karl was a fierce competitor but Bill won this year! I really stink and was named the Champion of the Kids Competition! This may not really be the case because I think some of the kids probably beat me! Following an afternoon of sliding we put the kids to sleep and the adults had a fierce poker game! Part of the fun was to dress in "poker garb." Karl looked great in a flowered polyester shirt, sunglasses and a white visor! I came as a "classy lady" and sported a pink shawl, huge sun glasses, and a very large floppy red hat! The first video is Matt's attempt at sliding and below is Micah playing with his little buddy, Cole.