Sunday, May 13, 2012

CC Graduates!

 Happy Mother's Day to me!  The boys and I rode over to my parents house this morning.  My grandma and was visiting and made her famous crepes!  Yummy!  The boys and Karl got new bikes last weekend and we gave them a good test today.  Matt and Micah did great riding the 3 mils to my parents house.  We stopped for a few water breaks but they did awesome!  We have to figure out Melea's bike seat so we can go as a family next time.  Karl tried to put her seat on his bike last night but couldn't figure it out completely...I guess that is what we get for getting a baby bike seat at the Salvation Army!!
 Our graduate!  We didn't attend the would have been torture for everyone trying to get 5 kids to sit though a 3 hour ceremony!  We met CC after then went to a great lunch at Bucca di Beppo.  Clark is off to med school in Aug.  He is an all around good guy!  I'm sure he gets sick of hearing that but selfishly I am so glad he can be such an awesome example for my kids!  How many 22 year old dudes would be willing to pose for a picture like this?!
 The bridge at CLU!  Yippee CC graduated!! Congratulations!
 We went to Disneyland a few weeks ago for Luke's 5th birthday!  Micah LOVED driving the cars!
 Matt lived out his dream and was chosen for Jedi Training.. After fighting Darth Vader he gave a powerful force push to these clone troopers!
Happy 5th birthday Luke!  We love you buddy!  I hope you remember pieces of this special day and smile!  You are an awesome little man!