Saturday, January 23, 2010

Movie Night

We had a movie night tonight. Dawn's husband, Bill is out of town so she brought the kids over for dinner and a movie. We watched Lion King. My boys have never seen this one. I was a little nervous about the death scene with Simba's dad. When we watched "Finding Nemo" I skipped the scene when Nemo's mom dies. Matt of course asked what was happening and what was wrong with Simba's daddy. I told him he died and went to heaven. He asked what died meant and I told him it meant Simba's daddy wasn't alive anymore but was in heaven with God. Wow...maybe I should have thought that explanation through little more. Cartoon characters in heaven with God...I don't know! We brought the futon mattress into the family room and snuggled the kiddos up!
We took an intermission during the movie to make banana splits...yummy!! I have been so proud of our family's diet the past month, up until tonight! I made a new year's resolution to feed our family a mostly organic diet with focus on plant based foods. It is amazing the yummy things you can make. If anyone has any recipe ideas for me let me know!!!
We watched the documentary Food Inc. on New Year's Eve (yes, I know we are pathetic) and Karl and I decided to make some changes. I won't start in on our new food philosophy...just watch the documentary or ask and I'll love to tell you about the importance of organic produce, organic free range chicken, and organic grass feed beef!
Have a great weekend...oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAYDEN!!! Our little nephew is turning one!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mom & Matt, Dad & Micah

While Andi and Matt went to the snow to go tubing, Karl and Micah had breakfast at the airport diner, went to the park, and then came home to play cars! More pictures to come.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dinner & Show

Oh Yummy Organic Goodness!!!

My soup for dinner tonight is so beautiful!

Please enjoy the entertainment (sorry for the poor quality) while the soup cooks! Karl, Luke, Micah, and Matt rock out to Beat It! I am currently listening to the 15th live encore!