Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

My parent's and all the kids....well almost all, I should have gotten my belly in the picture!

Matt and CC rockin a Mary Had a Little Lamb duet!

The boys got these silly gummy teeth in their Easter baskets from church!
Louise and I have this terrible problem of showing up to church wearing very similar outfits...this is not the first time this has happened!

We woke up early Sunday morning to find the Easter Bunny had been busy putting jelly beans ALL over our house! He then left the boys Easter baskets filled with cars, playmobile guys, and candy! Church had an egg hunt that the boys had fun with. We then went to my parent's house for a great dinner. The silly Easter Bunny had been busy there hiding eggs all over their backyard! It was a fun and exciting day, as Easter should be!!

Friday, April 8, 2011


My freind Dawn and I took a van full of kids to Kidspace in Pasadena on Thursday. She had two of her kids with her and I had Matt, Micah, Luke and Lydia with me. Louise had to work. It was raining when we got to Pasadena so we got in for the reduced rainy day price. Lucky us because about 30 minutes after we got in the weather cleared up and we were able play and explore outside. We had a great day and Dawn and I were proud of our teamwork with the 6.5 kids! I am counting my 3rd little one as a .5 now! I'm glad we went out of town for the day because when we got home it was horribly windy. It would have been a long day in the house had we not ventured out! We all adopted caterpillers as well. Matt named his Captain Caterpiller. We have them in there special habitat on the counter so we can keep a close eye on them as they transform into butterflies!Collecting water and getting REALLY wet. Unfortunatly it was cold outside!

Little Lydia hung out in style! She was so good all day!

The kids are feeling a simulated earthquake and watching the lights sway above. Unfortunatly I'm sure this is not the last earthquake they will feel. We had a good talk about what to do if a real earthquake hits.