Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I can't believe how long it has been since I have posted! So much has happened! Matt's birthday was March 15. We had a party for him the weekend before. He had a Wild Kratt's party! The kids performed "creature challenges" to earn various"creature powers." It was a hit! I made creature power suits for the kids and they had fun earning their creature powers! On Matt's birthday we went to Vegas to celebrate Jeanette's early birthday. She and Karl ran a half marathon together! It was Jeanette's first half marathon and despite the windy conditions she did great! Karl really enjoyed running with his mom! It was a memorable experience for them!GO GRANDMA and DADDY!!!

Justin (who earned his kangaroo power the day before by jumping/falling off a big trapoline and breaking his arm), Cole, Micah, Cidney, Max, Matt, Enrique, Luke, and Joey
My big 6 year old! It is so hard to believe 6 years ago Karl and I experienced the scariest moment of our lives...our little boy being rushed to the NICU. He stayed for 4 weeks growing and learing to eat and breath. Last month I planned his dream party, Wild Kratts! Someday when you read this Matt, I hope you smile at the memory of your birthday party! We played cheetah tag, wrapped up in toliet paper and emerged as butterflies, jumped off a trapoline to be like a kangaroo and went to the neighbors house and saw their giant African turtles. Favorite gifts included a watch, legos, beyblades, robe, books, and pajamas. When in Vegas we took Matt to the hospital where he spent his first month. We took some baby blankets with a note from Matt to give to some of the NICU babies that share his birthday. It was such a strange feeling riding the elevator and walking up to the NICU. Our family has grown so much and in so many ways since 2006...In my wildest dreams I never thought I would bring my SIX year old son and his brother and sister back to that NICU!
Family picture at church...they boys were reluctant to participate in this picture because we tore them away from the Easter games! It was quite a challage to occupy two boys hopped up on sugar and a little girl who missed her nap during church! I think Karl and I can handle about anything!
The Easter Bunny came to my parents house! We took this same picture last year but it wasn't complete...Melea wasn't in it. Looks pretty good now!
Our little Easter Bunny!
Handsome Micah with his Easter treasures!
Matt is showing off his loot!