Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Force!

Last weekend Matt and Micah got to watch the much anticipated (at least among the boys in my house) Episode 4 of Star Wars. Matt's best buddy, Max, and his dad came for the "Star Wars Party!"
Karl gave me a shopping list and said he was making dinner...yeah, a little scary! The pictures are of the very creative (and a little gross) meal we enjoyed! The hot dog/toast/egg creations are Star Wars ships and dessert was marshmallow and chocolate R2D2 guys! I thew in some light saber carrot sticks at the last minute. Karl gets a 10 for creativity. Not sure if I can rate the health aspect of this meal! The important thing was the kids LOVED it!!
After dinner the boys settled in with popcorn and watched the movie. It was a hit! Matt asked question after question and Micah screamed and laughed when he saw the charaters he recognized!
The best part of the night was I went into the QUIET back of the house and read for over an hour WITHOUT interuption!! Hmmmm, maybe a house full of boys has perks!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

It was my birthday last Thursday. My dad came over with dinner and Karl got off work a little early so it was nice to spend the evening with all of my favorite boys!
Matt had been wanting to see Star Wars for over a year now...we thought he was too young but decided when he was 5 he could watch it. So tonight Matt's best buddy, Max, and his dad are coming over for the much anticipated Star Wars showing! I'll post some pics later! May the force be with you all!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Matt turns 5!

For Matthew's 5th birthday we took him to Disneyland for the first time with his brother Micah and cousins Luke and Lydia. It was AMAZING! I will post more about it later. Here are some pictures for now.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Minnesota in Pictures!!

We spent a week in MN visiting family and braving the snowy cold! We had a great week, kept busy taking advantage of all the indoor kid friendly activites the cities have to offer, and hopefully didn't wear out our welcome with our crazy kiddos! We went to not only visit family but celebrate some important birthdays. Karl's dad turned 60 and his sister 30. Happy Birthday!!

Andra and Erin took the boys to a children's play. They saw Babe. It was about a farm and talking animals!! You would have to ask the boys for details...I heard the boys got yummy treats at intermission! They had a good time and I was told the boys sat and watched the play nicely.

Snowmobile riding with Doug. Micah didn't want to go outside and had more fun playing with Joie's dolls inside! Matt was very proud of himself and asked Doug to "please take me on one more ride" again and again!
Building a snow tower with Grandma. The snow was very dry so we couldn't make a snowman but Grandma was creative and suggested a snow tower!
Sleding! We went to a perfect little hill just a few miles from the house and intoduced the boys to REAL sleding. They were fearless and had a blast. Matt wanted to go down the first time alone and after an few runs down Micah decided to go head first laying on his stomach!
Baking cookies with Grandma. 3 very good cookie bakers!
Our snow fort. The next day we walked back to the fort to see how it was holding up and decided to buid it another foot highter. It was very cool!
One last picture before leaving for the airport.
Those are just a few of our pictures. We also went to the MN Children's Museum, Como Zoo, indoor play area, children's book store, and spent a lot of time playing with cars and tinker toys in the basement!
We have been home for a week now and are gearing up for Matt's 5th birthday on the 15th. He wanted to go to Disneyland so that is were we are headed! Stay tuned for our Disneyland adventures and pictures. I don't think it is possible for a little boy to be more excited for his birthday than Matt is this year! I love it!