Sunday, October 28, 2012


Matt's 1st grade class preformed the play Stellaluna. Matt was the baby bird, Flitter, and his buddy was the owl. If you aren't familier with the story check or the children's book. Matt was so proud and it was a really cute and well done production!
By the way, I'm attempting this post from my phone do we'll see what happens!

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This is Why I Have Not Blogged in Awhile!

 Rock Climbing at Ciclavia in LA.  We rode the Metro from Palmdale to Union Station in LA with our bikes.  Major streets in the middle of the city were closed to cars and open to bikes! We rode from Union Station to McAurther Park.  The park was set up like a festival with a climbing wall.   We rode 10 miles total!!  I ran with the stroller so Melea could nap.  When she wasn't in the stroller she was "helping" Karl ride his bike.
 Micah made it to the top!
 Melea "helping" daddy!
 The boys are playing basketball through the YMCA.  It is really relaxed and low key!  Can you tell these two kids are related?  Melea looks so much like Karl in this picture.
 Melea has caught on to basketball from watching the boys.  She carries the ball to the hoop then stands there screaming for help until someone lifts her up so she can make a basket!
 Jeanette came to visit a few weeks ago and we went for a run/bike ride on the aqueduct.
 CLU Homecoming!  It wasn't the same without Clark there.  He is off working hard at Loma Linda.  Apparently he is surviving the first year of med school well!