Saturday, August 23, 2008

Prescott, AZ

Wow, only one post so far in August. Yikes, I am getting lazy with the blog!
The last big event was our trip to Arizona for the Schmid family reunion. Karl, the boys and I drove to Vegas the weekend of Aug 2nd. Karl had to come home on Sunday to work the first part of the week. The boys and I stayed in Vegas with Karl's mom and Brad and drove to Prescott, AZ with them on Mon (8/4) morning. We spent the week with Karl's family. Erin was there all week which was a HUGE help to me! Karl's grandpa, Jack, started hospice about 4 weeks ago. It was nice that Karl's family was all able to come and spend some special time with Jack.
We stayed in a cabin about 20 minutes outside Prescott in the mountains. Highlights of the trip, besides spending time with family, were Matt "helping" Uncle Doug play the guitar, dancing and singing on the porch after dinner, going to the zoo, and taking train ride. We told Matt he was riding on Thomas the Train. He loved that idea and had a blast spotting the "prickly cacti" from the outdoor viewing car.
Less than a week after returning home John (Karl's uncle) and his wife Linnea came for the afternoon. They live in Chicago and were vacationing in CA for a few weeks. We had a fun afternoon with them at the park and barbecuing for dinner.
The past few weeks we have been enjoying our quiet time at home! This weekend my sister and I hosted a game night for my brother and his friends. We wanted him to have the opportunity to celebrate leaving for college. Everyone had a great time playing game and eating ice cream! Matt didn't go to bed until almost 10:00 because he was having fun eating ice cream with "CC's friends!" Micah slept through the whole thing!
Today Karl and I met with a Realtor to begin our house search. It is exciting and scary at the same time! Our goal is to buy in the fall. We are fairly picky and know what we are looking for so hopefully there is something out there that matches what we want!
As you can see life isn't slowing down in the Stutelberg home! We are so blessed! Have a good weekend!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Luke has joined us for gymnastics this summer! Jon came to class on Thurs and took some photos. Matt loves to swing from the bar, sit on the horse, "jump for Jesus" on the trampoline, and participate in explore time. This week's explore time was themed Hawaii! We put scarves on Matt and Luke like hula skirts and tried to get them to dance. Matt is doing better and better at gymnastics. He getting good and walking accross the balance beam and is getting quick at the obsticle courses!Karl, Bill, and I ran in a 3 mile cross country relay on Thurs evening. Dawn watched the kids while I ran the first mile. I was motivated to run fast becuase I knew she was manning 4 kids (5 really because she is pregnant!) There were 49 teams and we came in 11th!! Yeah, go team!!

The boys and I are spending the week at the Schmid family reunion. Karl is working until Wed then will drive out to Prescott to join us for the rest of the week.
I'll post pictures of the reunion when we return! Have a good week.