Monday, July 28, 2008

Colorado Trip

We have had a busy week! My sister and I loaded up the boys and drove to Colorado to see our grandma. We rented a van and were able to put all three boys in the second row. We drove to Vegas on Sunday (7/20) in the morning and spent the day with Jeanette and Brad. After dinner and baths we loaded the boys back into the van and drove to Cedar City for the night. The next morning we drove the remaining 6 hours to Grand Junction CO! We had a great time at the cabin. We gave the cabin and my grandma a workout! Grandma cooked us some great meals and we had a wonderful visit. Overall the trip was fun although there were moments when Louise and I thought we were crazy!! Micah had a hard time in the car, Matt was being very much a "2 year old" in public places and Luke was a handful at the cabin! The pictures are from the country club pool, and in the car. I think Micah's face sums up the trip!! We got home on Friday (7/25). This past weekend was filled with fun.
We spent a lot of family time together. Karl missed us and
we really missed him! We played in the backyard and went to a Jethawks baseball game. Matt loves Kaboom the mascot! I got a "get out of jail pass" and spent 2 hours on Sunday at Barnes and Noble with a coffee and book ALONE!!
We are driving to Vegas again this weekend. The boys and I are staying to drive with Jeanette to the Schmid family reunion for the week. Karl will come home to work part of the week then meet us in Prescott, AZ for the end of the reunion.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Micah and Matt go Green

We made the switch to cloth diapers in the Stutelberg house! Matt is showing off his new AIO (all in one) diaper and Micah is modeling his cloth diaper with fancy diaper cover! This change has so many benefits! Not only are we saving money but the environment as well. Two great lessons to demonstrate to the boys! I didn't have a chance to post last weekend so I will give a quick summary! We went on a family hike on Sunday. We did a short 2 mile hike then had a picnic. It didn't feel like a "short hike" carrying little boys on our backs! We went to church on Saturday evening. It is more relaxed then and seems to work good with our weekend schedules. We will probably go on Sunday morning this week because we spent this evening (Sat) at my sister's. We took the boys swimming this afternoon. Matt loves to be thrown around in the water with Karl and Micah is fearless!! Matt is able to "monkey walk" along the side of the pool!
Micah officially waved "bye bye" this week on Monday (7/7) and is now on the move! He stared commando crawling this week and is so proud when he makes it to one of his toys!
Tomorrow Karl and I plan to take turns running in the morning then go to church. I have temporarily lost my running buddy, Dawn, because she just told me she is pregnant! Congrats to her family! Karl said he would write me up a training program to keep me motivated! I would still like to run and 1/2 marathon this year and now the hardest part will be to stay focused and motivated!

Have a great remainder of the weekend!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Matt's Song

Matt has a new favorite song. We saw it on Sesame Street this morning! He was excited about the guitar and the subject of the song!!
We just got home from the water park. We meet Louise and Luke there this morning. There is a great toddler play area. I think Micah enjoys it more that Matt! We played in the water for about an hour then had a picnic lunch under a tree. Matt and Micah were asleep before we got out of the parking lot! They both transferred into their beds and are napping soundly!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pictures from Minnesota

We spent the last week in MN visiting Karl's dad and step mom. It was a great trip and we all had a blast! We left on Saturday, June 21 and got home on Sunday June 29. The week went so fast! Now we need to recover and relax after our vacation!
Matt and Micah did great on the plane. Matt was so excited to go on the airplane and his eyes were huge as we took off!
Matt had been sick before we left and unfortunately had a minor relapse the first two days we were in MN. He was feeling better by Tues.
Tom, Andra, Karl, the boys and I went to Gull Lake for 2 nights on Tuesday. Gull Lake is about 3 hours North of Minneapolis. We had a cabin at a great resort on the lake. Karl and his dad had fun swimming and we all played in the sand, swam, and roasted marshmallows. Besides the mosquitoes, which we were told were not bad, it was a great time with beautiful weather!
Other trip highlights were the Como Zoo and Karl and Tom attending a Twin's game. Tom and Andra put on an open house so extended family could stop by and see the boys. We were also able to see some friends we met in Vegas who now live in Wisconsin. Jason, Karrisa, and their daughter Elizabeth drove out to see us. The last time we saw them was almost 3 years ago when we didn't have any there are 3!!
Our last morning in MN Karl and I ran an awesome 9 mile run to Lake Harriet. Tom, Andra and the boys met us at the lake and we went to the park and then breakfast. It was a great way to end the trip.
Tom and Andra, thank you so much for the wonderful time!
Check out the slide show below...move your mouse to the top of the box to adjust the speed or the bottom to view individual pictures. Enjoy!