Monday, July 20, 2009

Mammoth Lakes, CA Camping Trip

Warning: We are about to bore you with LOTS of pictures!

We got home today from a 4 day 3 night camping trip in Mammoth Lakes, CA. We had a great time and arrived home this afternoon tired and filthy! Mammoth is a 4.5 hour drive from our house. Other than my paranoia of bears and no showers we had a great time. Enjoy the pictures! We plan to go again next year. There is so much to do and it is absolutely beautiful! We would love company next year...join us!

The boys in front of the tent.

Micah was into jumping off of everything this weekend! Matt is king of the tree stump and so proud!

We hiked back to this lake. It was beautiful and the boys had a blast playing in the water and sand on the shore.

We rode the gondola to the top of the mountain. Matt was REALLY scared at first. After throwing a major fit/tantrum for the first part of the ride he realized how cool it was! He then kept talking about how cool it was. Micah called it the "gong-gong ride."

Family picture at the top of Mammoth Mountain. Some of the Mammoth lakes are behind us. There was snow in some places at the top but the temp was in the high 60s.

Devil's Postpile National Monument. You can't drive into this part of the park. We had to take a bus that stopped at various sites for hiking. We originally planned to do a couple hikes during this outing but we had two tired little boys so we settled on a short one to see the Postpile. This is a really cool natural rock formation. There are hexagonal shaped pillers that were formed after a combination of lava, eathquakes, and cooling (We were wrestling two very tired boys as the ranger was explaining!) Regardless of the details is was pretty awesome.

Yummy breakfast of eggs, bread, and fruit. Good hiking fuel.

We capured Micah in a rare moment not in the dirt! He loved shoveling and running his dump truck in the dirt. I have never seen a child so dirty! We bathed the boys in a plastic bin each night.

Matt's favorite was cooking in the fire. We made hotdogs, veggies, pizzas, pie and LOTS of marshmallows.

Here is what kept us up until 10:00pm on Sat night from the campsite next to us. Both Matt and Micah were doing the "country jig" in the tent.

Here is Micah recreating his dance moves from the night before.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Karl's dad, Tom, came to visit from MN a few weeks ago. He was only here for a few days but we packed in the fun! We went to Kidspace, swimming, and Karl, Tom, Clark, and my dad went to a Dodger game.
Micah- you forgot to jump!

My sister and her family moved this weekend. They now live in Acton. She is a 22 minute drive away! They moved from a third floor condo into a cute little house with a yard! They are so happy to have a yard for Luke to play in. This move makes Jon's commute to work a little longer but shortens my sister's by 20 minutes. As I type this we have a really cool little "digger" grading our backyard. We are having a small wall built, additional drainage pipe put in, and lots of sand in preparation for a future swing set. This is phase one of the yard plans we had drawn up. This and preparing for a garden are probably all we will do this year in regard to the plans. We had to start somewhere!
We leave on Friday for our 4 day camping trip in Mammoth Lakes. I am excited to spend 4 days in the beautiful mountains and fresh air!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Karl Completes 30 Mile Run!!

Check out Karl's blog for details about our busy weekend!
I have great pictures of Tom's (Karl's dad) visit the weekend before that I will post soon. We are still in minor recovery mode from the big event last weekend! Karl is doing great and I am so proud of him! 30 miles on his 30th birthday! I'm still unsure how supportive I will be if he decides to pull this same stunt when he is 40! Only joking...we had a great weekend surrounded by close friends and family. More pictures to come...