Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September Wrap Up

It is hard to believe September is almost over! The past two months have flown by! To recap... baby girl born, boys starting school, tough kindergarten adjustment, tough preschool adjustment (which we are still dealing with), soccer, and mom goes back to work for a few hours on Tuesdays. Karl is Mr Mom on Tuesday mornings and is doing great! I set cloths and breakfast out for everyone and Karl gets the kids dressed, fed and off to school. I really admire moms who juggle breastfeeding and working! I only have to deal with it for one morning a week but to do it full time would be quite a challange! I have been volunteering in Matt's class for an hour on Weds. It is fun to be in the background and get a sense of how he interacts in class. We have parent conferences at the end of the week and I'm interested in what his teacher has to say. I have no doubt he is keeping up in class and doing great! Micah starts soccer this weekend and because we are not busy enough, Karl will be assistant coaching his team! Micah's preschool adjustment is a little slower. He seems to be having separation issues again. Much better than last year but he is not his usual happy/silly self when I take him to school. Melea is doing great. She started "half smiling." I have not seen a full grin yet but it is coming soon! She is a champion sleeper and has been going to bed around 7:30 and sleeping until 5:00am! I hope I didn't jinx it by writing that! Melea loves to be held and cuddled! She is a sweetheart...like her brothers!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Recent Pics of the Kiddos

The boys are such helpers! They LOVE "helping" give Melea a bath. Micah ran to the bathroom and came back with his Mater bath toy for Melea to play with!
Melea and I before we went to our baby shower that the women I work with gave us.

Matt working on his homework. It was such a nice evening last night he did his work outside.

You would never know it but 20 minutes before this picture and before Micah was given Motrin he had a 105 degree fever! He will stay home from school the rest of the week but is doing better.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Micah's First Day of Preschool

Our little Micah Man had his first of preschool today! He was very excited and wore his backpack, which was empty, around the house for an hour before we left! Poor Matt got nailed with a nasty virus and didn't go to school today. My dad came over to stay with him so Karl, who has Tuesdays off, and I could take Micah to school. Micah was excited! Totally different from Matt on his first day! I think Matt really thinks about things and Micah is more like me. He kind of jumps into things and doesn't dwell or think it through too much. Both ways of going about life are ok...it is interesting to see how different the boy's personalities are and how they cope with new situations. Micah dove right in and put his name on the board under the "boy" colum and then started on puzzles. Luke is in the same class and I think he and Micah mostly hung together today.

Today was my sister's first day back at work so I watched Lydia and Luke. Karl was home today so he helped out a lot. It was lucky he was home because we decided to take Matt to the doctor. Karl took him and it appears he is just fighting a really nasty virus. Matt will have to miss school tomorrow and possibly Thurday. He still had a high fever when we put him to bed tonight. I pray Melea doesn't get this! I guess it is not too bad, we made it through a whole month of kidergarten before bringing a yucky bug home!