Sunday, February 22, 2009

Only Luke!

Words are not really needed for this picture! This is Luke!!! We love you buddy!!!
The Stutelberg's have been busy moving, packing and cleaning this past week. The inside of the house is finished! We still have a little cleaning to do but plan on doing our big move next weekend! We moved some of the boy's toys, treadmill, futon, and various other pieces of small furniture this weekend. I really think this helped Matt. He has been asking a lot of questions lately reagarding our move. We can tell from his questions that he is a little confused and doesn't understand. How could he!! He randomly asked me the other day if we would be moving the hair dryer to the new house! Micah is lucky, he doesn't grasp what is going on at all and loves to run through the new house screaming and listening to the echo!
My friend, Dawn, had her baby on Friday morning. Welcome to the word little Vivian! I went to the hospital and held her when she was only 10 hours old! is so amazing!
I told Matt that "Miss Dawn had her baby. The baby grew big enough and was able to come out of her tummy." Matt has been putting his little blankie (Sponge Buddy) in his shirt and telling me he is growing. Then multiple times during the day Sponge Buddy "grows big enough" and emerges from Matt's "tummy."
Have a good week. The next time I post will be from our new house!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Micah and Karl practice for the circus!

No real new news on the house. It is still being painted. The kitchen island counter and sink are in. The plumbing and grout work should be done by the weekend! All the exterior doors have new locks and knobs. I can't wait to post pictures of the house when it is complete!! In the mean time we are packing every night after the boys go to bed and when they nap. I fill the boxes and Karl takes them over to the new house and unloads them into the garage. Hopefully we will get the carpets cleaned and the exterminator in next week. Then we can start actually moving into the house.
Enjoy the video! Karl and Micah discovered a new game!
Matt is into asking questions now (not that he was quiet before!) His new phrase is
because why? Although, it sounds more like "cuz why?" Micah is not the talker that Matt was at 15 months. Micah has taken to the awful habit of screaming and pointing at something when he wants it. It takes a lot of patience but we are trying to make him attempt to say the word or show him the sign and have him sign it. I don't know if we are making any progress yet but Karl and I don't speak screeching monkey so our kiddos have to sign or speak if they want to be heard!!
Have a good weekend!

Monday, February 9, 2009

New house still in preparatory stages

Our blog readers have requested pictures of our new house. The first coat of paint went up on the walls today. We hare hoping to be in by the end of February. Well see how that goes. Here are some pictures from Saturday.Ready to paint.Yes, our garage doors are different colors.Our view to looking west.The new slider door.
Matt in the back yard after the rain.

Finally, the Stutelberg family made the CLU magazine after I emailed this picture to the alumni department.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Trip to Colorado

I am finally getting around to posting some pictures from our trip to Colorado. We had a great week in the snow at my grandma's cabin. We took the kids sledding everyday. We even got Matt on skis for about 20 minutes each day. It was a good introduction for him. We wanted to make sure it was a positive experience for him so when he said "Take me inside. I'm ready for hot chocolate!" we listened! He caught on to the hot chocolate thing fast!! Other than the major sleeping (or lack of) issues it was a great trip. Grandma cooked as always and we ate too much. Clark and I got out for a day of downhill skiing and Karl and I did a few hours of cross country. Karl got in a few good long runs and skied with my dad a bit. In the evenings fierce Wii competitions were held!