Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Family Night O' Fun!

We had another busy weekend. The Fitchs, my parents and our family put on a huge yard sale at our house on Sat and Sun. It was extremely successful! Feels so good to be be rid of some of the junk we had in the garage. Our neighborhood is doing another one in March so we saved the leftovers to try and sell next month. After the next sale our garage will look awesome!!
Matt went on his first field trip last week. They went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Performing Arts Center. Matt's piano teacher played the organ for the show. Matt really enjoyed it. This was also his first school bus ride. We talked about it the night before and he was nervous about the bus because he wouldn't have a seat belt. Matt said he started to get nervous during the field trip but then stopped and decided he was actually having fun! After I dropped Micah off at school I saw all the buses pulling away from Matt's school and I cried. How did my little boy get so big?
Micah started gymnastics last week. He LOVES it!! He has been asking everyday when he gets to go again. We did a trial class and didn't even need to go home to talk about if we should sign up for classes. Micah had a huge smile and was bouncing around during the class so after it was over we went right up to the front desk to sign up! So now Matt's special activity is piano and Micah has gymnastics.
Matt brought home a flyer for t-ball. He saw me looking at the paper and asked,"Did you sign me up for t-ball?" I said, "No not yet, but I can if you want to play." Matt quickly said, "No thanks, I don't want to do that." Hmmm...I can respect that but team sports are so important...Matt is off the hook this year but he will probably have to play next year!
Karl took this video of Melea while I was at work this morning.

So here is a glimpse into a typical evening in the Stutelberg home.

Lea loves her bath! I think the days of her bathing in the kitchen sink are coming to an end. I am tired of mopping up water all over the kitchen after her baths!

This is bouncing Micah!

The Karl and Matt Show!

Oh, one more thing...Matt will proudly tell you he has the longest last name in his class! He is also one of the few kids who can spell and write their last name! I hear this is not uncommon among Stutelberg boys. Apparently it was the same for Karl! Micah is also learning to spell our last name. We turned it into a song STU TEL BERG Cha Cha Cha!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Colorado Ski Trip

Wow- it has been a long time since I have blogged.
We had an amazing trip in CO at the beginning of the month. We drove to Vegas and spent a few days with family before continuing on to the cabin in CO. Karl's grandma was able to visit while we were there. We hadn't seen her for almost 2 years! We had a great time skiing and spending time with family while in CO. My parents, the Fitchs and my brother were also there. All 3 boys had a great time skiing. Our boys took ski lessons the first day and Karl skied with them the next day. Both boys were able to ski and make turns down the beginner hill!

Micah, Matt and Karl's brother's son Brayden.
I made the cousins matching pjs for Christmas!
My brother and Melea
My grandma and Melea hung out in the cabin most of the week!
Louise, My dad, Lydia, Melea and I packed up luch at the cabin and took it to the hungry skiers!!
Karl and Matt
Karl had a great time skiing with the boys. Matt responds very well to a "teacher" other than his parents and Micah is the opposite. Micah made much more progress skiing when Karl was teaching him.
Luke and Micah
Daddy and his little girl at the Green River Park on the drive to CO.
Melea was so cozy while she watched her brothers ski. She is such a good little girl. Poor baby was so tired in this picture. We had been standing at the base of the hill for over an hour while Karl took turns skiing with the boys!