Saturday, December 29, 2007


A belated Merry Christmas to everyone! It is hard to find time to publish on the blog...I'm doing my best though! Christmas was wonderful! We went to Las Vegas on 12-21-07 to see Karl's mom and Brad. It was a quick trip but we made the most of it! Jack was also in town and it was great to see him and have him meet Micah. We spent most of the time hanging out in the house with a couple trips to the park. Grandma and Grandpa Bennett gave the boys a wagon and we gave it a spin around the park. We drove home on Sunday. We were surprised the traffic was worse on Sunday then it was on Friday evening! The boys did great in the car. We got a portable DVD player so Matt watched Elmo and listened to music. That DVD player is a lifesaver on long car trips! This was the first time we used it and it was a success!
We went to church on Christmas Eve. We went to the 7:00pm service to hear my brother play in the bell choir. Matt and Micah were tired so all of us spent the majority of the service in the nursery! My parents, brother, and sister's family came to our house on Christmas morning where we opened gifts. My mom made a wonderful Christmas dinner which everyone enjoyed in shifts between feeding, bathing and taking care of the kids! Overall it was a wonderful holiday week and we are lucky to have been able to spend time with so much family.
My brother will be playing in the Rose Parade on New Year's day morning. Louise and Jon offered to babysit so Karl and I can go see the parade. I am excited because last year when Clark was in it I stayed home with Matt. I am really hoping babysitting goes smoothly for Louise and Jon. Micah is not being cooperative with the bottle despite trying one everyday. Micah loves to cuddle with mom!
Happy New Year to everyone!!
Congratulations to Bryson and Emily on finding out they are being blessed with a little girl!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sunday, December 9, 2007


We took the boys to see Santa on Saturday. Matt did very good. We said hi and waved to Santa first then Karl took him up to sit on his lap. Matt turned to Karl and said "Daddy hug" so Karl hugged Matt. Then we asked Matt to hug Santa. He wasn't into that! Santa gave Matt a cool Elmo book. It is amazing how Santa knows exactly what characters Matt likes. We saw Santa at the Micheal's distribution warehouse. An odd place for Santa to show up but we have a friend who works there and Santa came to see employee's family and friends. At first I wasn't too excited to have Santa hold Micah, but he asked and how could I say no to Santa!
We just go back from the mall where we got Micah's picture taken. Bad time to have a picture done! We were there for 3 hours! I almost made the appointment during the week and would have taken the boys myself. That would have been a disaster! Micah did great for his photo shoot. We got some really good ones. We have cute pictures of Matt when he was about 3 months old naked with us holding him. We wanted similar ones of Micah although they no longer allow naked pictures of babies. The photographer was really nice and let us pose one though...Micah peed all over! We now understand why they no longer allow naked pics!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

G'pa and G'ma Stutelberg's Visit

We had a great weekend with Tom and Andra. They were only here Friday afternoon through Monday morning, but it was wonderful to have them. It took Matt a few minutes to warm up, but he soon realized he had a new audience and took full advantage! Most of the weekend was spent at home playing with the kids. Grandpa and Grandma got some good cuddling and playing with both boys. We made it to the park a couple times and took a nice walk. When Micah is a bit older we will do the whole So Cal tour! Micah has stared to show off his cute toothless grin! A full smile is coming soon!!
We plan to take Matt to see Santa this weekend. We looked at Santa when we were at the mall earlier this week and Matt said hi and waved. I am curious to see what he will do when we tell him to sit on Santa's lap!
I hope everyone is having a good week. Good luck with the Christmas shopping!