Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pink Swim Cap Pic!

I had to add a picture of our cool pink swim caps from the Irom Girl Triathon!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Iron Girl

I did it!! I completed my first triathon in at the Iron Girl Tri at Lake Las Vegas. I completed the event with Julie, Karl's buddy's wife, and her sister Joni. It was the first tri for all of us and we had a blast!
I finished 84/643 and am happy with this.
This was a sprint distance triathon with the swim being 800 meters, bike 30k and run 5k.
I had a great cheering crew! Thanks to everyone who supported us! I can't wait to do another one. Maybe next time I'll try a longer olympic distance race!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring Sing

We spent the morning hanging out at home in the backyard and enjoying the sun and absence of wind! It has been really windy the past week and we have not been outside much. We all needed to burn a little energy and soak in some vitamin D! Karl and I worked in the yard while the boys played and swam in in the play pool. Actually, Micah swam and Matt rode his bike in circles around the patio table! Karl ran out to pick up our produce box. When he returned we sat on the patio and ate sugar snap peas. Micah grabbed this carrot from the box and started chomping away at it! I love this picture of Matt and Emma, too bad it was taken facing the side of the backyard that didn't get new sod! In the pots are my grapes and raspberries. They are getting established in the pots this year and we will plant them next year! Yummy!
Matt the Rock Star had his first performance on Tuesday night at Spring Sing! His class sang two songs, Arky Arky and God is Good. To say he was excited would be an understatement. A few weeks ago Matt told me he was planning to stay on stage after his class finished singing and he would sing Twist and Shout by himself. I had to explain in a gentle way that Spring Sing was only a group performance and he would have to wait to solo another time! The kids did great and after they sang they got medals. Matt is so proud of his singing medal...just like dad's running medals!