Saturday, November 13, 2010

Annual CLU Turkey Tri and Last Game in Mt. Clef Stadium

We spent the day at CLU for two reasons...first was so I could support my brother and participate in the CLU triathlon he helped organize and second was to see the last football game played in Mt. Clef staduim.

Mt. Clef stadium is the same stadium, in the middle of campus, that my parents watched football games at when they were at CLU. Karl and I have memories watching football in this stadium after our cross country meets. Karl and I spent a lot of time on the field because the cross country and track office was located on the side line and we would meet on the field in front of the office for practice. I know the new staduim, that will be located on the other side of campus, will be big and beautiful but I can't help feel a little sad. Mt. Clef has a unique charm...students could get on the field at any time to play ultimate frisbee and you could sit in the end zone during football games. I'm sure there won't be access like this in the new one. Oh, well...progress! Wow, it sounds like I have really given this a lot of thought and I assure you I have not!

Clark and his fellow RAs did a great job putting together this little tri! Unfortunatly there was not a big turn out...I know there has to be more people out there that think swimming, biking and running in the wind is fun. Where are you?? My boys, including my dad were amazing cheerleaders. I had a lot of fun!! I think I have written this before but I am so happy that my kids see Karl and I participate in runs and races. I LOVE that this is normal for them! Last weekend we were in Santa Clarita, about 45 min south of Quartz Hill, with Jeanette and Brad to cheer them on while they ran the 5K and Karl and my dad did the 1/2 marathon. Jon was also there and ran the 5k. Everyone did great and most importantly had fun. I think it is so great that my boys are exposed to an active healthy lifestyle and they learn to support their famiy and friends achieve their little personal athletic goals.
Hopefully the next time I post I will be showing off pictures of my new little niece! Louise has fought preterm labor for the past 10 weeks! She did a great job, not that she had much control, and is now 36 weeks. Bring on the baby!! At her last ultrasound the baby was measuring big so the goal has been to get her to 36 weeks then have this baby born! Ok Baby, listen up....time to come out!!! More later...........

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