Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Days of First Grade and Kinder

 Matthew received an award at school on Tuesday for academic achievement.  He brought home a "straight A" report card this semester. 
 Enrique, Matt's best friend at school, also received an academic award.  Two smartie pants!!
 Micah's last day of school was themed "Camp Rancho Vista."  We got a babysitter for Melea (first time she has been left with someone other than family) so I could be a "camp counselor."  The campers had a blast getting their faces and arms painted, "cooking" in the sandbox, going on a scavenger hunt, and playing various other games.

 Micah racing through "Rancho Vista Falls."
 Camping food included a hotdog wrapped in a tortilla with embellishments to make it look like a person in a sleeping bag, ants on a log and a marshmallow.
 The bell has rung... Matt is officially a 2nd grader!  I dashed over to Matt's class for the last hour of the day after leaving the camping festivities at Micah's school.  It is days like today that having the boys at the same school would be nice!!
We spent the afternoon at home watching an "Air Bud" movie and playing in the backyard with the chickens.  The boys are really into talking dog movies!! 

Let the summer begin!!  Tomorrow might be a little tough for Matt because he didn't go to bed until almost 10:00pm!  Not sure if it is coincidence or not but Matt got glasses about a week ago and read an ENTIRE chapter book tonight.  The glasses are meant to be worn when reading or watching TV.  Tonight was the first time he didn't want to stop reading.  He is into the Pixie Tricks series. This is an older series but new to Matt.  

The boys have swim lessons tomorrow.  The county pool down the street opened and all 3 kids LOVE going to the pool.  Melea is fearless!  It is a little scary.  Micah is so excited because he is finally tall enough this summer to touch the bottom in the shallow end!

Bitter sweet feelings today.  It is hard to see your babies grow up but so much fun at the same time!
They are such smart, kind, happy kids.  I'm excited for all our adventures this summer!  Our family has a busy summer planned.  Lots of good family time!  My favorite!

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