Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it Snow!!

As I write this it is snowing! The boys and I just came in from playing in the snow and I thought I should post a few pictures! Micah had a great time and would have stayed out longer but his gloves kept falling off! Matt had a fun for about 20 minutes then was ready to get warm inside! I was supposed to work today but the freeway through Acton and Aqua Dulce gets really bad in the snow. I decided to play it safe and stay home with the boys. It was a good decision because my friend in Acton called and told me they just finished building a 6 foot snowman in their backyard! Fun! Have a good rest of the week and stay warm!!

Just wanted to add an update...I took these photos around 10:00am, it is now 2:30pm and hasn't stopped snowing! We have about 3 in!! Midwest people...stop laughing. This is big news in So CA!!

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